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RSD/CRPS Coping Strategies
RSD/CRPS Coping Strategies
by Twinkle VanFleet/rsdcrpsfire

Some of us have accepted the fact that we have RSD/CRPS/Causalgia and others may still
be in a
denial and confusion stage. We must learn to cope and pace ourselves so that our days are
less painful and so that we can try to accomplish goals.

We all need coping abilities and strategies to survive each night and each new day.

The following is a list of possible solutions that may help you survive. Included are some
do's and don'ts.
When uncertain always check with your family Doctor or Pain Management

1. Aroma Therapy- Incense, Candles, Potpourri, pleasant smells.

Music- Soft or whatever genre that helps you cope best, non depressive.

Pleasant Sounds- Sounds of nature, sounds of waterfalls, birds, subtle breeze, pleasant
voices, soft tones

Support- Support groups, people experiencing the same dilemma's you are, understanding
compassionate others offer insight, helpful answers to questions, the sharing of experiences
and having your pain and emotions heard by others can offer a great relief knowing there are
people that care for you.

Patience and anxiety- Try to have patience, count to 10 when you feel as if you are
it in any given situation. Try to feel calm, a time out if necessary to lower anxiety and
heightened emotions.

Friends and Family- Let them support you, if you lack support from those you already
seek out those who will support you. Support is very important.

A warm bath- It may help in the relief of tension.

A candle on the side of the bathtub might give you the feeling of being able to let go for the
duration of your bath and maybe for a period of time after.

8. Diversions- Crossword puzzles to lay in bed with, hobbies, games, online games,,,, Things that might help to
divert and sidetrack you from your pain.

Soothing Massage- If you can tolerate it, ask your partner to massage you gently. Many
us cannot tolerate any stimuli to the direct area affected by our RSD/CRPS. It is worth a try.
Remember be gentle. If your back is not affected, a nice massage just to relieve the stresses
of the rest of your body may help, too.

Relaxtion- Meditation, breathing excersises, counting, mental time outs, yoga if you can
tolerate it, relax your muscles, sometimes by tensing them, you add to your pain and often
times do not even know it or realize it.

Try to avoid loud noises- Abrupt loud noises can cause muscles to tense which can also
cause emotions to rise.

Writing- Poetry, keep journals and pain journals, express your self, let it all out.

Your family will benefit to0 by your feeling of calm and inner peace when it comes.

All of these things can help with the management of pain. It's different for all of us. So
each of them may not help all of us, but maybe one or two might help some of us.

Please check with your doctor if you feel any of these might harm you.
This is not to be taken as medical advice.

Always be as well as you can be,

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