Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

RSD(S)-CRPS Advisory
Notable Recognition
Those deserving extra recognition for making a difference in my life and/or yours.

RSD(S)-CRPS Advisory Info & Support Group All Members

Trudy Thomas- Living with RSD Radio Show

The Body, Mind and Spirit Network

Power of Pain Foundation

Barby Ingle and Ken Taylor

Hollywood Cure for Pain- Jonathan

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Association of America

Erik K. VanFleet  (Master/Husband, Caregiver, Support)

Kharisma A.M. VanFleet  (Daughter, Caregiver, Support, Graphics)

Erykah V. VanFleet   (Daughter, Support)

Kurtis O. VanFleet   (Son, Support, RSD Intern)

David J.D   (Mentor, Support)

Telima D   (ol Sister, Support)

RavenofPK (Support)

Maahsatti   (Support)

Tim Burnham (Support)

Duane and Cassonda Tadlock

14th Avenue Baptist Church Sacramento CA

Sacramento Pain Clinic  (My Pain Management Clinic of 6 years)

Sacramento Pain and Diagnostics Surgery Center   (Lumbar Sympathetic Nerve
blocks and SCS)

Michael L. Levin, MD   (My Pain Manager and Surgeon)

Belva (Sacramento Pain Clinic)

Nicole Lapeyrade, P.A.  (My Assistant Pain Manager)

Medtronic   (My SCS Implant)

Medtronic Clinical Specialist- Mary Pitcher, BSN, RN (Now with Sac Pain and
Diagnostics Surgery Center)

OSC Computer Training- Bill and Lili Williams, President and Vice President)
The most honorable, compassionate and understanding people I have come across
in my ordeal with pain and CRPS.

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS)

Craig Fletcher (MD Junction)

MD Junction- Roy

Compass Center for Functional Restoration- Rick, Dr. Thomas, Connie, Larry, Dr.