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AB651- The California Compassionate Choices Act
AB651- The California Compassionate Choices Act
by Twinkle (EKV) VanFleet    

AB651, the bill to legalize assisted suicide in California failed in the State Senate Judiciary
Committee on June 27, 2006. While several disability rights organizations opposed the bill,
the continuous movement to legalize assisted suicide and euthanasia will without doubt
continue aggressively. Opponents believe that no one should have the right to choose to die,
while others maintain they have every right. I myself would be one of them. I supported
AB651 and will support those that will come.
Why? Those who suffer from chronic illnesses, chronic pain, incurable diseases, who are
inoperable with cancer, failing organs, who are living on borrowed time should have an
undeniable right to decide whether they want to continue on living in such a manner or die
with some dignity and inner peace. And while they never had a choice in the beginning of it
all, they have a choice in the end. After all it is their end, is it not?
A family member does not want to know that their afflicted loved one might be allowed to
let themselves go, nor would they themselves want that choice because they can't bear the
loss. Understandable! It is the people that are left behind who suffer the aftermath, the
mourning and no one wants to endure that no more than the one who wants to endure living
in a state of emotional hell. Let the person not suffer when an opportunity exists that they
don’t have to.

This bill is for assisted suicide. It means that with a doctor's knowledge and awareness of
the intensity of the person’s illness allows a recommendation and assisting the patient in
dying. Tell me where this is faulty and make me believe it and I will reconsider my views,
otherwise I will continue to maintain that AB651 and similar bills are just.
It matters little to me in regards to those various reasons that the law was denied. It does
however concern me that another person, government, states, etc, can choose for me. In
an inevitable end, a bill matters not as there is always still one way out and that choice
belongs to no one, but us.

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